00120: Little Bit vs. Gemma Guliana


MP4 | 100MB | 10:41 | 720×480


Little Bit gives a vicious beat down to the returning Gemma Cross. Little Bit focuses and one the hair of Cross, throwing her around by the hair, pulling one the hair and submission holds, and pulling Cross up by the hair just to knock her back down. Ten minutes of hair pulling action! (Introductions. Knee lift to midsection. Hair Pull. Knee in back with Hair Pull. Standing on hair. Choking with her own hair. Double armbar. Monkey flip face plant into mat. Leg Drop. Wrapping hair around ropes. Camel clutch. Surfboard. Double leg lock with Hair Pull. Extended leg choke in corner. Dragging opponents around the ring by hair. sleeper hold. Eye rake. Body Scissors. Hair mare. Hair Pull through the ropes. Leg extension. Stomping knee. Slamming knee into mat. Finisher: Camel clutch. Submission.)


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