00114: Mississippi Mauler vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 119MB | 10:55 | 720×480


Mississippi Mauler attacks Fantasy to start the match and Fantasy just never seems to recover after being knocked out with a sleeper hold. one-sided contest with Mauler controlling Fantasy with sleeper holds, chokes, suplexes, and other vicious maneuvers. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Attacking an opponent from behind. sleeper hold. Eye rake. Rubbing face into mat. big right hands. Knee in back. Face claw. Body slam. stomping on the foot. Choking on the bottom rope. Backbreaker. Knee drop to leg. Biting the ear. Piledriver. Extended leg choke in corner. Knee in back of throat. DDT. Slingshot into turnbuckle. Finisher: Body Scissors with sleeper hold. submission.)


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