00105: Cassandra Golden vs. Tiffany Roxx


MP4 | 149MB | 15:21 | 720×480


2/3 falls of rookie vs. Veteran one more time 15 minutes of terrific action between these two. Love the moves and holds they used. (Introductions. Lockup. Waistlock. Belly to back suplex. wrist lock. side headlock takedown. Headscissors. Armbar. sleeper hold. Chinlock. Bear hug. Body Slam. Backbreaker. Bending back over knee. Ramming opponents back into the corner. shoulder thrusts into midsection. snap mare. Sidewalk slam. Leg sweep. Pulling knees out. Leg Drop on arm. Arm scissors. Slamming arm into mat. chinlock. Sitting on the back sleeper hold. Shoulder claw. Elbow drop on arm. Grinding arm bar. Knee across throat. Double arm bar Choking on middle rope. Finisher: Surprise roll up. pin.)


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