00101: Ivelisse vs. Mississippi Mauler


MP4 | 132MB | 16:33 | 720×480


Ivelisse has been a Champion all over the world and defeated many men and her time. Mississippi Mauler is NOT the typical male wrestler but a man who dislikes females getting inside “HIS” Wrestling ring. Great 15 minutes of Great Action (Introductions. Lockup. Overpowering opponent. Kicks to midsection. Front facing chokehold. Hair mare. Trash Talking. Wristlock. Armbar. side headlock takedown. Knee drop on leg. Leg lock. Headscissors. Ramming back into the corner. DDT. Body scissors with sleeper hold. Knee shot to head. Big boot to face. Test of strength. Finisher: Chinlock with knee in back. submission.)


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