00098: Mississippi Mauler vs. Cassandra Golden


MP4 | 174MB | 20:01 | 720×480


Mississippi Mauler is not nice to any of the talented ladies we book here. Cassandra Golden, and super fast rising star took her turn trying to upset the Mauler, but he is still mauling ladies. 20 minutes of action (Introductions. Knee lift to midsection. Irish whip. ramming back into turnbuckle. Foot on back with hair pull. Big forearms to back. Bow and arrow. Foot on midsection. Breaking pin at 2 count Knee drop to midsection. Running knee lift. Chinlock. Eye rake. Backbreaker. Face claw. Nose chop. DDT. Blatant choke. Body Slam. Sidewalk slam. Big right hands. Modified torture rack from top turnbuckle. Finisher: Suplex. The referee stops the match.)


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