00080: Fantasy vs. Rock N Roll Rock C


MP4 | 92MB | 10:12 | 720×480


Ten minutes of back and forth action including a reversed Figure Four, Both competitors were barefoot with tights to their ankles. Lots of underhanded moves and camel clutch was used and this match also. Low Blow illegal rope work both are included and this match. (Barefoot match. Introductions. Eye rake. Cranium crush. Eye gouge. Hair Pull through the ropes. Slamming knee into steel post. grinding knee into steel post. Standing on her knees. Camel clutch with eye gouging. Sitting on the back forehead claw. Nose hook. Choking on ropes. Back rake. Grinding face into ropes. Double arm scissors. Modified figure four. Grinding foot into forehead. Shin across throat. Modified on mat tarantula. Modified stf with eye claws. Finisher: figure four. submission.)


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