00078: Fantasy vs. Crystal Fire


MP4 | 154MB | 15:14 | 720×480


This 15 minutes is with two of the toughest girls and Wrestling. They are partners and they have been enemies, today they were enemies no doubt. They beat the crap out of each other. Forearm smashes would knock a regular person’s socks off, Chokes were a lot, Leg drops with a thunderous power one each other and a powerbomb from hell. This is a match everyone should want to order (Ring entrances. Lockup. Body slam. Boot to midsection. power slam. Clothesline. DDT. Elbow drop to midsection. Boston crab. sitting dropkick. Leg Drop. Big forearm shots. snapmare. hair pull. Blatant choke. Jumping face plant into mat. Modified Headscissors using ropes for leverage. Knife edge chops. Foot on throat. Running Bulldog into mat. Throat chop. Spine buster plant. Bow and arrow. Finisher: Power bomb plant. pin.)


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