00041: Little Bit vs. Phoebe


MP4 | 81MB | 09:30 | 720×480


This match is app. 10 minutes with Little Bit vs. Phoebe. The action is pretty much controlled by Little Bit as she seemed to be meaner than even normal. She has had a vicious side since we opened Liberty Pro. Phoebe even as the larger competitor just had a rough day with Little Bit (Introductions. Trash Talking. Slamming shoulder into ropes. Elbow drop to arm. Knee drop on arm. Chinlock. Eye rake. Vicious hair pulling. Knee drop to back. Stomp on midsection. Knee across throat. Choking on the middle rope. Standing on hair. Slamming knee into mat. Eye rake. Knee in back with double armbar. Finisher: Front face drop. pin.)


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