Custom Matches
Pricing for Matches (*Regular Matches Only)
Number of Participants Match Length Price
2 person 5 minutes** $135.00
2 person 10 minutes $250.00
2 person 15 minutes $300.00
2 person 20 minutes $350.00
3 person 10 minutes $375.00
3 person 15 minutes $450.00
4 person 10 minutes $450.00
4 person 15 minutes $550.00
4 person 20 minutes $650.00

*Specialty Matches, depending on your request are $50.00-$100.00 more. All matches are subject to approval by Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling.

**Scripts for 5-minute matches are provided by Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling.

How to order a Custom Match
  1. Pick your two, three or four competitors from our list of available talent. Please don't request talent not on the list.
  2. Decide if you want a referee or not, there is no charge for the ref unless you ask for someone other than our assigned referees.
  3. Decide on the type of match you want.
  4. Send in a one page only write up for what you would like in your match. If you want gimmicks or anything like (chains, blood, etc.) (**Note: Scripts for 5-minute matches are provided by Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling.)
  5. Each of the participates must approve the scripts and or suggest any changes, then agreed upon by you the customer. (**Note: Scripts for 5-minute matches are provided by Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling.)
  6. If in case of a no show or a cancelled wrestler, we will make all attempts to reach you in advance for your change of wrestler. In fairness to the others involved, all matches if ordered and paid for must be done.
  7. No nudity, sexual or advanced sexual things will be allowed ever. All suits must be full bottomed and no upper torso revealing. Tights and wrestling boots are desired but not required.
  8. Nothing considered dangerous will be attempted by performers.
  9. Any other changes that need to be made by the staff of Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling, will be emailed back to the customer.
  10. All things are subject to management approval of Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling.
Match Type

Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling is a custom professional wrestling organization. The company offers customers the option to suggest content for purchase. Liberty Pro Women's Wrestling provides content for digital media and publishing platforms. The company is headquartered in Tennessee, USA, with an office in Mississippi, USA.

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